Domestic industrial ceramics 3D printer debut Fair

The world of science and technology, science and technology Chinese feast first exhibition - the nineteenth Chinese international hi tech Fair (the fair) opened today, the fair is held in from November 16th to 21st this year, the theme is "focus on innovation driven, improve supply quality, highlight the field of high-tech industry benchmark", "technology leader" and "innovation leader". From around the world nearly 80 countries and regions of the exhibition pavilion, will bring nearly 30 thousand high-tech projects and product convergence pengcheng. 3D printing technology as "Chinese manufacturing core 2025", is a hot spot in the fair.

The fair, 3D printing industry is the new technology. From Shenzhen long Lang three-dimensional domestic industrial ceramics 3D printer, the first stunning debut fair.

It is understood that there are few companies that can independently develop ceramic 3D printing equipment at home and abroad. Based on the technology of LCS (lithography ceramic sintering) developed by lithography ceramic sintering technology, the printed products have good surface quality and high molding accuracy, and have excellent performance with high reproducibility and high density (up to 99% or more) compared with traditional materials.

According to the on-site technicians, ceramic 3D printing has obvious advantages compared with traditional ceramic technology, rapid and small batch manufacturing, saving time and effort, and constructing porous inner cavity, irregular shape and thin-walled complex cavity structure, which make up for the shortage of traditional ceramic manufacturing. It will be widely applied in military, industrial, medical, aerospace and other fields, especially in the direction of dental denture, biological Department of orthopedics and so on. It will bring great changes to our life.



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